Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra

An entire great sounding orchestra, with sounds that have been proven on countless
productions, media and game scores for only $149. What's not to like?

Covering all the essentials of the orchestra, Amadeus includes– strings, brass,
woodwinds, percussion, keyboards, guitars and more. Everything you need for creating
quick sketches, orchestra, film, and game scores is at your finger tips. The library has
been designed to load fast and provide authentic sounding instruments, allowing you to
create incredibly realistic scores.

Amadeus is compatible with the free Kontakt Player.


As well as the usual section and solo instruments, we've developed the
"Symphony patch", which puts the entire orchestra under your fingertips in
one instrument, making it great for composing and sketching out ideas
quickly. The opening music for the Amadeus Overview Video was created
by starting with the Symphony instrument, with cellos and horns layered on

   Solo Strings

   Solo Violin
   Solo Viola
   Solo Cello
   Solo Bass

   String Ensembles

   Violins I
   Violins II
   Full String Ensemble
   Violins I Small Sect.
   Violins II Small Sect.
   Violas Small Sect.
   Cellos Small Sect
   Basses Small Sect.
   Full String Ensemble Sm



   Brass Ensembles

   French Horn Ensemble
   Trumpet Ensemble
   Trombone Ensemble
   Tuba Ensemble
   Full Brass Ensemble
   Brass Small Ensemble

   Brass Solo

   French Horn 1
   French Horn 2
   French Horn 3
   French Horn 4
   Trumpet 1
   Trumpet 2
   Trumpet 3
   Trombone 1
   Trombone 2
   Trombone 3


   Snare Drum 1
   Snare Drum 2
   Bass Drum
   Crash Cymbal 1
   Crash Cymbal 2
   Taiko Drums

   Tubular Bells


   Woodwind Ensembles

   Piccolo Ensemble
   Flute Ensemble
   Alto Flute Ensemble
   Bass Flute Ensemble
   Oboe Ensemble
   English Horn Ensemble
   Clarinet Ensemble
   Bass Clarinet Ensemble
   Bassoon Ensemble
   Contra Bassoon Ensemble

   Woodwinds Solo
   Instrument Articulations
   Flute I
   Flute II
   Alto Flute
   Bass Flute
   Oboe I
   Oboe II
   English Horn
   Clarinet I
   Clarinet II
   Bass Clarinet
   Bassoon I
   Bassoon II
   Contra Bassoon


   Choir Sopranos
   Choir Altos
   Choir Tenors
   Choir Basses
   Choir Women
   Choir Men
   Full Choir
   Solo Soprano


   Grand Piano
   Pipe Organ


   Nylon String Guitar
   Overdrive Elec Guitar
   Clean Elec Guitar
Instrument List
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