Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use Kontakt Player with your products?

Our current products are not compatible with the freely downloadable Kontakt Player or with the Kontakt
Player that came with another company's product. They will load and play, but will be time-limited and
dislplay "DEMO" in the instrument's name.

Why can't I find my new library listed in the "Libraries" in Kontakt's Browser?

As a third-party developer we do not license the Kontakt Player, so our library doesn't appear there. Just
navigate to the product folder using the "Files" tab in Kontakt's Browser.

Can I install Indiginus' libraries on my desktop computer AND my laptop?

Yes. We allow installation on any of your own computers, and encourage you to create a DVD backup. You
may not, however, allow anyone else to copy our products onto their computer(s).

Can StrumMaker be used to trigger sounds from other sound libraries?

StrumMaker is designed to be used with our own products. Any other use of them is at your own risk and we
make no promises. Most modern libraries use their own scripts, which may interfere with StrumMaker, or
vice-versa. You can try downloading our Guitars Freepack, which has a version of Strummaker to see if that
works first. If you already have StrumMaker and would like to try this here are some tips:

1 Save the scripts (Strum Sequencer and FretBoard ) and load them into another Kontakt 3 instrument. If the
host instrument uses it's own scripts this may not work. The Strum Sequencer and FretBoard must precede any
other scripts.
EDIT- This will probably NOT work with StrumMaker III, since the strum engine specifies key groups by name.

2. Send midi out from the StrumMaker II instrument. The exact procedure for this depends on your host
sequencer, but start with the "Options" menu in Kontakt 3's main control panel, then the "Engine" tab, where
you can check the "Send Midi to Outside World" box. After that, you're on your own.

Also, MAKE SURE THAT THE "Mutes" BUTTON IS ON on the FretBoard panel.

Of course, we can make no guarantee that StrumMaker II will work when used in this way, so you are on your
own in this matter.